Jackson Hole Report
Year End 2017

Is this the New Normal? As part of our research we always look for trends, good or bad, to help predict the future for our clients and customers. After reviewing the 2017 stats, it’s become very clear that we have entered into a new normal for Jackson Hole.

Whether local or luxury, We know the market better than anyone.

We understand that real estate is about relationships – the ties forged between people and place. Our decades-deep knowledge of the valley combined with The Clear Creek Group makes us your Local Real Estate Experts.

Jackson Hole Luxury Market

The Jackson Hole luxury market warrants special attention and analysis. Drawing on his decades-deep experience publishing the Jackson Hole Report, David Viehman has created a special new report that focuses entirely on high-end properties in Jackson Hole.

We know Wyoming; we call it home. When it comes to Jackson Hole, our standards are high and uncompromising. The Clear Creek Group has a long and very personal experience with Jackson Hole real estate. After all, we live and work here, and we are happy to share our love and knowledge of this magnificent area with you. For Jackson Hole truly has it all: romantic cabins in the woods, working cattle ranches, grand lodges on hundreds of open acres, even golf course homes with club amenities just steps away. Chances are, if you’ve been a guest of The Clear Creek Group in the past, we already have an understanding of your preferences and can guide you with confidence toward properties that match your family’s needs. If you’re new to us, we’ll get to know you and go from there, so the search is not so vast. Somewhere in Jackson Hole is a property that will capture your heart. Together, we’ll find it.

Let us bring the listings to you. Every evening, we email a hot sheet with the most comprehensive updates available that day. This is a singular service in Jackson Hole. Click here to join our email list. The emails will provide links to comprehensive information about each listing, along with all available photos and a GIS-interactive map. Whether buying or selling, you will find that we provide a superior level of customer service. We will show you all available listings in the region, not just ours.

Whether you are pricing your property to sell in this competitive market or weighing the right time to buy, rest assured that when you are our client, you have the upper hand through access to current market statistics and our impeccable level of service and personal attention. For a free comparative market analysis, please contact us by calling 307-690-4004 or contact us here.

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