2017 Forecast

We predict that appreciation will continue in all segments of our real estate market through 2017, particularly in the single-family home segment where available inventory is at a 30 year low.  Based on the number of active home listings, we currently have 5.6 months of inventory.  While the median list price of $2.495 million is the highest ever recorded for a single-family home, it’s not slowing down demand.

For sellers keen to close in 2017, they still must price their properties correctly.  Overpriced listings will not sell because the majority of today’s buyers continue to be motivated not by their emotions but by value.  NOTE: Of all available inventory (homes, lots, condos/townhomes, commercial), 27% has been on the market before.  Of those 97 listings, 81 (87%) have been on the market for more than a year and 65% for two-plus years.  Talk to your Realtor about an effective pricing strategy and aggressive marketing plan.  For sellers without representation, please know that Devon and I are here to help you. We know the market better than anyone.  Lean on us for accurate, data-driven insight and advice to help you reach your real estate objectives.  To receive a free no-obligation market analysis, and/or to list your property in 2017, contact us here (email: david@jacksonholereport.com) or call 307-690-4004.