Condo/townhome sales experienced a slight increase, with 105 sales so far in 2017 (up 3%).  Even though the average sale price increased 7%, the median sale price dipped, down 5% ($570,000) when compared to 2016.  The decrease in the median sale price is a direct result of the increase in the number of sales under $300,000 (up 120%).

The number of sales under $500,000 spiked (up 120%), whereas the number of sales between $500,000 and $1 million remained the same.   The hot spot: Town of Jackson where the number of sales rose 22%.

The number of condos/townhouses under contract dropped slightly, down 7%, with the average and median list prices following suit, down 13% and 52% respectively.  The drastic drop in the median list price is the direct result of fewer townhouses under contract in Shooting Star.  

Available inventory of condo/townhomes experienced a drop of 25% (64 listings), pushing the average and median list prices up 29% and 8% respectively.  The increase in average price can be attributed to the decrease in listings under $500,000 (down 54%).  Based on mid-year results, current inventory offers less than four months of condo/townhome stock.  NOTE: Of the current available inventory, 58% is listed for less than $1 million and 19% under $500,000.   

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*All statistics are supplied by sources that have been deemed reliable but are not guaranteed.
*All statistics quoted in this newsletter are based on sales in 2017 compared to sales in 2016.
*Median sale price is the cost of a property that has an equal number of sales above and below it on the price scale.
*Average sale price is the total combined dollar volume divided by the number of sales.
*In this report, “overall” refers to all sales in Teton County combined (homes, lots, condos, commercial, ranch), minus Alta.
*The term “Market Value” means the value of property in terms of what it can be sold for on the open market; current value.

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