5 Ways Rich People Save Money on Real Estate Transactions

Andrew Lieb Managing Attorney, Lieb at Law, P.C.; Founder, Lieb School Huffington Post 5/14/2015 Closing Adjustments: Sellers get repaid at the closing for all of their prepaid service contracts and supplies that they transfer to the purchasers. To do this, sellers identify each contract that they have prepaid for the carrying costs of their home. […]

Jackson Hole Report Celebrates 20 Years

A 20th anniversary is a milestone by any stretch of the imagination. But 20 years of success in a market as dynamic as Jackson Hole’s is truly worth a toast: When we embarked on this analytical adventure in 1994, we set out to understand the subtleties beneath reported sales by tracking down every single real […]

US Tax Court Ruling Could Save Real Estate Trusts Millions

US Tax Court Ruling Could Save Real Estate Trusts Millions According to an article on real-estate resource Inman News, the U.S. Tax Court recently overturned the IRS by ruling that a trust can qualify as a real estate professional, a decision that confers attractive tax benefits on trusts with significant real estate holdings. Now, qualifying […]

More Home Buyers are Bringing All-Cash Offers to the Table

More home buyers are bringing all-cash offers to the table.  Recently reported in the Washington Post business section, nationwide almost 40% of all real estate transactions are being negotiated with cash offers. Here in Jackson Hole we tipped the scales back in 2010 and have seen over 50% of all transactions using cash at the […]

Wyoming Ranks as Most Tax-Friendly State for Retirees in the Lower 48

Kiplinger August 2013 Just as you shouldn’t let tax considerations drive your investment decisions, you shouldn’t move to a state just because its taxes are low. But if you’re considering several retirement destinations, taxes should certainly be a factor because they can have a significant impact on the amount of income you’ll have to spend […]

Wealthy N.Y. Residents Escape Tax With Trusts in Nevada

By Richard Rubin Dec 17, 2013 Bloomberg.com Wealthy Americans looking to avoid state income taxes are moving billions of dollars in assets to trusts in no-tax states such as Delaware, Nevada and Alaska. The maneuvers are getting fresh scrutiny from officials in states including New York, which is losing an estimated $150 million a year through such tax avoidance. As […]

Rebounding Economy Triggers Growth in Luxury Real Estate Market

RIS Media The luxury market has seen a marked increase in activity the first half of the year, in large part due to the healthy return of the North American luxury real estate market, as well as the return of second home purchase activity. Growth has been notable not only in the number of high-end […]

Wyoming Tax & Trust Benefits

Wyoming has ranked #1 for business-friendly taxation on Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index every year since 2003. Taxes-what taxes? No state income tax No state corporate income tax No state gift tax No state estate tax No excise tax No intangibles tax No inventory tax No tax on mineral ownership Low real estate […]

America’s Best Retreats

Barron’s Penta SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 2013 America’s Best Retreats By STEVEN M. SEARS, CRYSTAL KIM, SANDRA WARD, AND JONATHAN R. LAING Second-home prices surged in late 2012, particularly in low-tax states. Penta’s 20: Jackson Hole, Wyo.; Palm Beach, Fla.; Hanalei, Hawaii (Kauai); Park City, Utah; North Lake Tahoe, Calif.; Mount Desert Island, Maine; Austin, Texas; […]

Wyoming Named #2 Best Run State

The Best and Worst Run States in America: A Survey of All 50 24/7 Wall Street  2. Wyoming > Debt per capita: $2,694 (18th lowest) > Budget deficit: 10.3% (32nd largest) > Unemployment: 6.0% (7th lowest) > Median household income: $56,322 (13th highest) > Pct. below poverty line: 11.3% (6th lowest) Wyoming is not the best-run state in the nation this […]