Jackson Hole Report Celebrates 20 Years

A 20th anniversary is a milestone by any stretch of the imagination. But 20 years of success in a market as dynamic as Jackson Hole’s is truly worth a toast: When we embarked on this analytical adventure in 1994, we set out to understand the subtleties beneath reported sales by tracking down every single real estate transaction in the valley, but we had no idea how fascinating this focus would be – and continue to be 20 years later. Jackson Hole’s real estate market is as layered as its landscape; conditions change dramatically with each new quarter. For 20 years, we’ve helped buyers and sellers navigate this rugged terrain through comprehensive market analysis.

To mark the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Jackson Hole Report, we telescoped our year-end analysis into a 20-year context with charts on the homes, lots and condo/townhomes sold since 1994.