Jackson Hole Luxury Report

Volume 6, Edition 2

Buying a home in Jackson Hole becomes more than a transaction. For many of our clients, the decision takes on the weight of a lifestyle move as well. As such, we respect the many elements that factor into such a choice, and therefore offer our clients counsel far beyond the property fact sheet. With this wider role in mind, we decided to expand our analytical format to include editorial elements—reflections on the cultural currents coursing through our valley, reflections on our significant tenure in the Tetons.

Responding to context has long been our modus operandi: More than two decades ago, we published the first Jackson Hole Report as a way to fill the valley void of specialized market analysis. Then as now, the Jackson Hole Report remains the definitive source on Jackson Hole real estate, regularly cited in national publications.

Post-Recession, we observed the high-end segment grow in strength and subtlety. Realizing luxury properties required special attention and analysis, we published the inaugural Jackson Hole Luxury Report four years ago— to wide acclaim. The Luxury Report caters to high-end buyers and sellers who seek to gain a clear understanding of this elite market segment. The ensuing report focuses on the 1,602 properties worth $3 million and above, many of which are sold privately and therefore never appear as public listings (we came to the aforementioned total by combing through public records).

Underlying our exhaustive research is our core commitment to our clients. Above all else, we want to ensure their experience matches their expectations of this spectacular setting. With this in mind, we’ve expanded the scope of this issue of the Luxury Report to include not only the in-depth statistics you’ve come to rely on, but also insight on various aspects of real-estate ownership requested by our readership. As trusted advisors, we work with our clients throughout the process of purchasing and selling real estate, but also well beyond the closing date. Past clients have called us years after they purchased a property for advice on remodeling; as did our friends featured in the New Outlook article. Proud of our landscape— both cultural and natural—we spotlight the jam-packed upcoming arts and culture season, and ask local entrepreneurs for their favorite spots in the valley.

Intrinsic to our roles as realtors is our pride of place, a connection we share with our clients. Getting to know the people and places who make this community so vibrant is as important as recognizing the economic factors at play in our market. From exploring the market dynamics to sketching a social calendar, we consider ourselves experts in all aspects of Jackson Hole, and we want to help make this valley feel like home. Please turn to us as your partner in this discovery of place.

As a courtesy to our clients, we offer a confidential market analysis of your distinctive Jackson Hole property, as well as annual valuation updates for trust and estate planning.  If you own a luxury property in Jackson Hole and would be interested in a confidential market analysis, please fill out the form below or call me at 307.690.4004 or email david@jacksonholereport.com

The Jackson Hole Luxury Report is published semi-annually and sent to the owners of these high-end properties. All other interested parties may request to receive the Luxury Report in digital form.

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