Built (Existing)
Single-Family Homes

This represents all deeded free-market single-family zoned homes.

Built Multi-Unit Homes

This includes all multi-family parcels with a main house and at least one accessory unit. The total does not include the 256 accessory units.

Built Multi-Family Parcels

This includes all multi-family parcels with a minimum of two units (duplexes, triplexes, etc.) with no main house. This represents a total of 363 units. It does not include apartment parcels.

Built Townhome/Condos

This represents all deeded free-market townhome/condos in the TOJ, including a small segment (82 units) being rented through commercial operations.

Built Apartment Parcels

There are 703 actual apartment units on these parcels

Single-Family Vacant Lots

This represents only single-family zoned lots, of which 81 are .34 acres or larger, opening up the possibility for lot splits.

Commercial Vacant Lots

This represents commercial zoned vacant lots.

Commercial Developed

This represents commercial zoned deeded parcels and condos. There are 126 residential accessory units attached to these developed commercial properties.

Common Parcels

23 common lots + 9 Public (open space, school, etc. – cannot be developed)

Conservation Easement Parcels

No development


Town of Jackson Existing Residential Units

1,380 deeded homes
+ 1,453 deeded condo/townhomes
+ 256 accessory units (homes)
+ 363 units (multi-family parcels)
+ 131 accessory units (commercial)
+703 apartments
+ 139 trailers
+ 239 deed restricted ownership units (homes and condos)

Total existing residential units in the TOJ: 4,664

Current Cost of New Construction + Current Property Prices

At year-end, the average TOJ home listing price is $2,262,100.  The least expensive home in the TOJ (at year-end) was a 4-bedroom, 2-bath, 2,004 sq. ft. home built in 1978, listed for $965,000.

In 2018, the average sale price for a TOJ single-family vacant lot was $627,833. The average size single-family lot sold in 2018 was .28 acres.

When you combine the average building permit value with the average sale price of a vacant single-family lot, you will be spending an average of $2,691,166 to build a new home, which does not factor in the lag time of planning and building headaches that accompany building projects in the TOJ.

The outlook for buying into the condo/townhouse market is similarly bleak.  At years-end, the average 2018 listing price for a TOJ 3+ bedroom condo/townhouse is $1,227,769.  The average 2018 sale price for a TOJ 3+ bedroom condo/townhouse was $911,253.  NOTE: The average sale price for a condo/townhouse built in the last five years was $980,321.

* All statistics are supplied by sources that have been deemed reliable but are not guaranteed.
* Does not include deed restricted affordable housing, fractional ownership, or Government leases.
* Although some homes are not yet reflected in the Teton County GIS, this number includes homes issued building permits through Q3 2018.
* This report includes most, but not all, residential housing units. Based on the 2014 Regional Housing Needs Assessment, there are approximately 446 additional housing units not considered in this report, which include retirement and assisted living developments, federal employee housing, and several units in commercial zone