Grand Teton National Park Foundation


Protecting the Valley’s Most Spectacular Property: Grand Teton National Park sits at the heart of Jackson Hole and is widely recognized as the area’s most prominent and cherished landscape. This iconic park, both a recreational and economic cornerstone of our region, greatly contributes to the success of our town and provides locals and visitors with unforgettable experiences that keep us all coming back for a lifetime.

Private Gifts at Work in the Tetons: This rugged park is one of our country’s most fascinating destinations but it needs the support of individuals, corporations, and foundations to thrive. Grand Teton National Park Foundation and its donors are elevating improvement and education projects well beyond the park’s federal budget each year. With private funding, the organization can continue to assist the park in creating exceptional trails, protecting and understanding wildlife and habitat, and connecting young people to life-changing wilderness adventures. These projects significantly enhance resources and make Grand Teton memorable for you and your family as well as millions of visitors.

Join Us in Supporting This Valuable National Treasure: The Jackson Hole Report is a proud Foundation partner. From the organization’s first campaign—the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center, one of the most successful public-private projects in national park history—to ongoing efforts that focus on research and protection, restoration, and outreach, Foundation friends provide much more than the National Park Service could accomplish on its own. Help us continue to solve park challenges, educate and engage visitors, and create a solid future for Grand Teton. Visit www.gtnpf.org today to learn how you can make a difference.